Welcome to Nairobi, Kenya and Pentecostal Revival Church!



Pentecostal Revival Church is a Christian ministry founded and registered in Kenya by Bishop Osham Ominde. The ministry has planted over 20 churches in Kenya and plans are underway to have branches in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bishop Osham Ominde is a dedicated servant and a father figure with a burning passion to see the restoration of Gods glory in the present church. He ministers alongside his loving wife Rev. Monicah. 
"Our vision is to reach out to the dying world with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ, pooling resources to plant churches, equip and empower church leaders for effective ministry."
 Bishop Osham is anointed by God to bring healing and deliverance to Gods children. Through the spoken word and laying on of hands, many people have received miraculous healing from incurable diseases, barren women have conceived, blind eyes have received their sight and the dead have been raised back to life.


Welcome to Pentecostal Revival Church

Pentecostal Revival church is headed by Bishop Osham Ongala Ominde and has its headquarters in Nairobi with branches in western, Eastern, Mt. Kenya, Congo and Uganda. The ministry was founded in the year 2000, with the great mission of preaching the Good News of our creator.

It was inaugurated on the 22nd of October by Bishop Abisai Mwaka of the Redeemed Gospel church. The first service was conducted at Pumwani social Hall but as it expanded, we acquired a half an acre of land at Shauri moyo in Nairobi for the construction of the new church. Here, the church also managed to establish a school, Bright Future Educational Centre. This was replicated in western region where Sirwa Education centre was also established. 

Apart from preaching the gospel and uplifting peoples spiritual lives through crusades, seminars and conferences, the church is also dedicated to creating good social life by caring about the education of young people. We plan to open a Centre for the disabled and a school to cater for the needs of orphans to add to the school at Sirwa, Nairobi.


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