Personal Testimony – Pastor Kashif Fazal

My name is Pastor Kashif Fazal. I was born in a Christian family but I did not have any relationship with Christ Jesus. I actually did not know Him.  I was so far away from God. Then one day a friend of mine took me to a conference, and I just went with my friend for fun. Then the pastor started to minister. He started preaching on crucifixion.

He said, Jesus Christ died for all of our sins, and he said that Christ died for us for he loves us. Christ loved us so much that he died for our sins, but if we look at ourselves today what are we doing for Him? Christ died for every single person sitting here. He pointed actually towards me and said to me personally that you are so precious for Christ that he died for you. I looked around and ignored him and then he said the same to me again. These words were the turning point for me.I never realized that I am so precious for Lord Jesus Christ that he died for me. I was having tears in my eyes and I was crying for the sacrifice of Christ for me. I was just looking at my life that Jesus Christ died for me but today when I look at myself what I am doing for Jesus and how am I honoring his sacrifice. I accepted Christ at the alter call of the pastor. I came home as a changed person. I accepted Christ as my personal savior and Lord in 2004 at the age of 23. From that day onward, I started to read the word of God regularly, spending time in prayers, remained in the company of believers and church people and also spending time with pastor of the church. I did quit all my bad habits. I got baptized and after the period of six months I was baptized with the Holy Spirit. But still I was doing nothing for Jesus Christ. Then one day I was in a prayer meeting, an elder of the church prayed for me and spoke a word for me that God wants to use me for his kingdom, but I did not consider myself worthy. God spoke to me again in the same meeting through her and said to me that God wants to use you for his kingdom. That time I bowed down before God but after that I did not consider that call seriously. 

I completed my secular education and I was lucky enough to get a nice job. In the evening I joined a bible school in the evening classes and I did my one year diploma in biblical studies. One day, I was sitting in my office, where I was working, and God appeared to me and spoke to me, “follow me, I want to use you for me”. I did not hear the voice and few weeks passed, then again I heard the same voice, “Follow me, I want to use you for me”. Again I did not hear the voice and did not take heed of the word of God. Then God finally spoke to me and said leave your job and follow me I want to use you for my kingdom. I came home that day, I spend time in prayers and I was not seeing any scope before me because I did not know much the word of God. I asked God that God I do not know your word how you going to use me for you. And he answered me, let God be God and do as I asked you to do. I obeyed God and did quite my job. I started to spend much time in prayers and in reading the word of God. I joined another bible school for one more year and started to read Christian books and articles.

Then in 2009, I started Grace Church Lahore,  Pakistan. I invested all of my saving to build this ministry and to build the church hall. Today I am pioneering Grace Church Lahore Pakistan, and have planted one church in Faisalabad [at the moment it is a rented place. we are trusting God to build the church building till the end of this year].

Today I have baptized over 500 souls in the kingdom, have ministered to thousands in the outreach and in revival crusades and conferences, and brought many to the saving knowledge of Christ where they have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior and Lord.

There is so much more which is worth writing but because of time, I could not write but along the line as we share our burdens with each other, I believe I will be sharing with you. I believe you will be blessed to read and I believe it will be a blessing to many who will hear or read that God can transform a person like me into what I am today, then he can use and transform any……..God bless you much.

Our History 

Grace Church Lahore , Pakistan was birthed in April 2009. We started this Grace Church ministry with the vision to win Pakistan for Jesus Christ and plant 100 churches throughout the country. Initially we started Grace Church Lahore Pakistan with an open air service, for we did not have a place to conduct the service, so we started the service in an open air, we started the church with 22 people in the beginning. We started to visit people and started sharing with them the word of God and started to win them for Jesus Christ. For about four month, we conducted the service in the open air.

I used to conduct the bible studies at my home. From the beginning we focused on children and on outreach. We conducted our Sunday school in the street, we used to clean the street, block it, and used to conduct the Sunday school there, I believe that if we win a child of a family we will win the entire family. Then after four month, we rented a small room with the sitting arrangements of only 70 people. We started our Sunday service in that room. And as God bought in the church new families, we felt the need to start the youth ministry. God joined with us another pastor who started working with us voluntarily and started to lead the youth and children work at the same time. For the spiritual and numerical growth, we formed the home cell groups to meet at homes for prayers and worship and the word of God. The home cell groups started to grow and so the church. We started to reach out to the lost souls in the other surrounding areas and God brought many other new souls in the church and in about next two months, the church room seemed to be small, then we started praying for a bigger place. And God answered our prayers and my father, Mr Fazal Masih, donated the church a piece of land. Now we needed the money to build the church building. God in his mercy provided for us the funds and we started building our first owned church building. We inaugurated our first owned church building with the sitting arrangements for about 200 people in April 2010. In next couple of month, we worked so hard and our focuses remained the outreach - reaching out the lost and win them for Jesus Christ and bring them in the church for their spiritual growth and for the edification of the body of Christ. We started a project named gospel crusades project Pakistan a series of healing and revival crusade. we have vision to reach out 30,000 souls every year. every month we are going to reach more than 2500 souls with the massage of gospel God has also opened doors for us to plant our first network church in Faisalabad city. We have rented a place there and we are providing spiritual and financial covering to the pastor of that church. We are praying and I believe that God will open doors for us to build our second church building in Faisalabad till the end of this year.


Grace Church- Lahore, Pakistan also running a pastoral fellowship, “Grace Pastoral Fellowship” to have fellowship with each other, whereby pastors, evangelists and church leaders from different areas and villages gather together to pray for each other, worship the Lord together and share the word and standing in a gap and provide assistance to each other where and when it is needed. We are also running a small bible school [on part time basis] and conduct the classes two days a week and training the people to be the future church leaders. I have this great vision to launch a full time seminary [five days a week full time] whereby we will bring the students from different outreach areas, villages and slum areas, will provide them the hostel facilities, and will train them full time for two years and when they are fully equipped, will send them back in their own outreach areas, and villages to plant churches there and be a blessing to their own people. I believe that the vision of planting 100 churches throughout the country of Pakistan will be fulfilled through this vision of full time seminary. I believe that if we start the seminary and bring about 20 students every year in the seminary and train them, after the completion of first batch we will have 20 pastors, evangelists, and church leaders ready for the work of the kingdom. And then every year, the seminary will produce 20 new leaders. In the period of just seven years we will have about 100 pastors, evangelists, and church leaders ready to go out and plant churches in different areas of Pakistan. I believe this vision of full time seminary will enhance the kingdom of God greatly in this country. We just need the covering to launch this project. We are praying for this great vision and God is going to raise people to support this vision and join hands with us in this project.

Looking at the ministry of Jesus Christ, I believe, social development is also an essential and integral part of the Christian ministry / the ministry of Jesus Christ. Seeing at the educational conditions of the Christians of Pakistan, [I believe without education the futures of the Christians in this land will not be changed. Christians are behind in every field in this nation because they do not have proper education. If we want the Christians of this land to be better and civilized citizens, and progress, they will have to be provided with the proper education systems], the Grace Ministries Lahore, Pakistan has this vision to provide free education school systems, which we have started with a humble beginning by supporting five students with their school fees, books and uniforms expenditures. I believe God is going to make this vision a reality whereby we will have educational schools whereby students will be provided with the free education and I believe it will change the entire nation of this land.

Today, the church has grown to the average strength of Sunday service of about 160-180 people and a team of four pastors working with us in the church and in the outreach field.

Our weekly services are as follows:

Sunday Service: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

Tuesday: Bible Study 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm [bible school class]

Wednesday: Bible Study 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm [bible school class]

Thursday: Youth Meeting. 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Friday: Prayer Meeting. 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Wednesday: Women Ministry Meeting. 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Saturday and Monday 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Children Ministry [Sunday school]

Different teams go into the outreach fields on different days of the week.






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