My name is Zoran Kovacevic and I was born in Croatia for 47 years ago. My mum told me that when I was only 10 days old a woman came to our home to see me. As she was not our family, nor friend but a total stranger, my mum didn’t want her to touch me. Then something happened with the cooking dish in the kitchen and a small disaster happened there. My mum jumped to fix that but in a second she forgot that she left me alone with that woman.

After just few seconds my mum heard me screaming and crying. Mum ran back to living room and she saw me in that woman’s arms. She took me directly from her and that women just vanished from our house in a strange manner. I’ve been told that I screamed for three days and no one or nothing could calm me down. My parents prayed and eventually after three days I stopped crying.

My mum asked people around and found out that this woman was a witch. Many years later I understood that Satan didn’t want me to fulfil the plan my Saviour Jesus has for me and he sent his evil disciple to put a spell on me.

Deep darkness

When I look back in my life I could see how that curse worked over my life. I was always struggling to live righteous life but was not able to do that because I was not free. I was in deep darkness.

I understood that both my grandparents were great men of God and that the blessings of God were in their lives, but never fully understand why I have to struggle in that darkness and torture of Satan? When God blesses someone, Satan is always there trying to prevent it. But God is much greater than Satan and God’s plan for my life turned to be a greater blessing than the darkness I lived in for 30 years.

In 1999 God came to me in a special way through a lady from USA. She came to visit some friends in Sweden and one of these friends organised a meeting in our local church.

Into the light

I was just having a fight with my wife and went outside with our few months old daughter. When I was walking nearby that church, I felt a strong desire to enter in and see why there were so many cars outside.

As soon I stepped inside the church I saw that lady from USA looked at me very intensively. I felt a strange feeling and while struggling with it, I heard the lady calling me up. It was a shock for me… I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me and suddenly she starts to prophesying over me.

Through her, God told those deeds that I had done, that only I knew about. But God is God and his calling over one’s life will never pass away until it is done according to His will.

That day was my turnpike! I can say that on that day I was truly saved and from that day I started to pray at least an hour per day, I started to fast and read my Bible. My life has been changed. God has really done a great miracle in my life. He brought me from deep darkness to his awesome light.

“I would like to encourage everyone who are reading my testimony to always trust God. Even if the circumstances are not always so bright and positive, God has never given up on you.”

My best friend become the Holy Spirit. He is the best teacher, counsellor and friend one can have and since that day in 1999 we are always going together, He in me and I in Him. God has only good gifts for his children and since that time I started to preach the Gospel, singing praises and worship my Lord. I was able to make 4 music CDs about the love of God and recently I also released a book about the book of Revelation.

What a difference from my life before 1999! Today I am the leader of a Christian mission organisation The Lighthouse and we are based in Sweden but connected with many people and churches in Scandinavia, Europe, Uganda, Kenya, Pakistan, India…

Give Jesus a chance

I would like to encourage everyone who are reading my testimony to always trust God. Even if the circumstances are not always so bright and positive, God has never given up on you. He loves you and want to be your loving and caring Father and Saviour. Jesus Christ, the Lord and King will forgive your sins and the best gift that a man can get, the Holy Spirit, enter your body and you become a child of God. Will you allow Jesus to be your Savior?

Come to the cross of Jesus, and through him your sins will be forgiven. You will be a new creation filled with the Holy Spirit and love. Your life will never be the same! Just give Jesus a chance!


             The Lighthouse       

Holiness in Heaven is Righteousness on Earth